Wishing you all a spooky Halloween with ghosts!

Happy Tuesday Friends! October is almost over, so we thought we would take the time to talk about Spooky! And what could be spookier than ghosts?! Did you know that there are 31 different minifigures with the word “ghost” in there name? Of those 31 minifigures – there are 9 versions of the stereotypical ghost – which is what we will be talking about today! Check them all out.

The Original (1990 - 1995)

The original ghost minifigure was introduced in 1990 and consisted of 5 parts. The body of this ghost was made up of a plain black head, a plain white torso, a white 1x2 brick that coupled with a white 1x2 plate to make up the legs, and the signature ghost shroud. This long shroud covered the head with a smiling expression and glowed in the dark (like all ghosts should!) The original ghost was released in 8 sets between 1990 and 1995 – making it both the longest running ghost version and the one in the most sets.

Version Two (1997 - 2000)

LEGO released the second version of the ghost in 1997. This ghost was featured in 3 sets between 1997 and 2000 – and the ghost is almost identical to the original version. Instead of 5 pieces, the second version of the ghost only has 4 pieces – because LEGO replaced the 1x2 brick and plate with plain white hips and legs. This change makes sense because it follows the classic minifigure shape more with legs involved – however, in the process we lose the idea that the ghost is floating. We are still undecided about whether this change is for better or for worse.

Version Three (2006)

In 2006 LEGO released a third version of the ghost – again with a very minor and singular change. This third version of the ghost was the only one to be released in the first decade of the 21st century – and personally we are glad to say that is was only released in one set. While this third version features the same head, shroud, and legs (again, we are undecided about the look of the legs) as its ancestor – the torso is now plain white with yellow hands. While the yellow hands sorta blend in (a little bit.. maybe…) when the minifigure is glowing in the dark, they really stick out in the light – which we just don’t think makes sense for a ghost!

Version Four (2012)

The fourth ghost version was one of two released in 2012. This version came out in June of 2012 in 1 set in the Monster Fighters theme. With this version LEGO, thankfully, returned to the plain white torso/hands and continues with the black head and white hips/legs. What makes this version different is a redesigned shroud complete with a headgear piece. This shroud featured more defined expression lines (as would be expected with the advancement of technology) as well as a redesigned face – we now see our ghost friend with more of a scowl than a smile! Fitting for a spooky creature wandering around.

Version Five (2012)

Not too far behind version 4 we see version 5 – which was the second of three ghosts to be released in 2012. This version was lucky enough to see itself in 2 different sets though! This version of the ghost is quite similar to version 4 with the only minor change seen in the replacement of the white legs with the “legs” from version one – a 1x2 brick and plate. While largely on the fence on if ghosts should have feet or not – we do really like that the options without feet still stand well and look decent in their design.

Version 6 (2012)

Released later in 2012 was version 6 of the ghost. This ghost version was also available in a single set – a polybag actually, and is the first to come with an accessory in the form of a ball (from a technic ball joint) and chain. Additionally, we see this version of the ghost lose the legs – to be replaced with a 2x1 brick and a 1x1 round plate (to fit with the chain). While we aren’t sure what to make of the legs (or lack of legs) among these sets, we do think that this ghost in particular should have had legs – I mean, without legs what exactly is the chain attached to? So maybe our issue with this version isn’t the lack of legs, but rather the ball and chain – I mean really, you think you can chain up a ghost LEGO? There seems to be a lack of understanding of how ghosts work here… but we digress.

Version 7 (2015)

2015 saw the release of two more versions of the ghost! The first released in January and the second (version 8) in August. Personally, we love the version 7 ghost – mostly because we see a little more color on this ghost! Granted, it is not the most “spooky” or realistic ghost because of that color. The only familiar pieces on this ghost are the black head and the white torso that are hidden under the newly re-designed smiling ghost shroud (remencient of the original shroud in versions 1-3) with an orange headband. The “legs” of this ghost are made up of a 1x2x2 brick with tassels printed on the bottom. Finally, this ghost also includes a cape with a dots pattern. While we still don’t think ghosts can really have accessories – how does the cape stay on? – we do like this better than the ball and chain!

Version 8 (2015)

Released later in 2015, version 8 of the ghost is almost identical to version 4 of the ghost. It is so similar in fact that you can’t even tell the difference at first! The version 8 ghost was released in only one set – the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion – and that set is probably where the change to this version stemmed from! In true Scooby Doo fashion, this ghost minifigure needs to be able to be unmasked – which (we think) is why we see the change from the plain black face to the new Nougat Face with bared teeth and a thin black mustache.

Version 9 (2020)

Finally, we have the most recent version of the ghost. Version 9 of the ghost was released in 2020 and has only been in one set so far – although we won’t know a total for this ghost until the next version releases. This ghost version is drastically different from any previous version of the ghost – in fact, the only thing that remains the same is the plain white torso! So let’s start at the bottom and work up. This ghost could be considered to have feet – or maybe not – with the more ambiguous white lower body skirt. We like this change because it solves our feet or no feet dilemma – the answer can be either! The ghost shroud has now been replaced with a white headgear hood. This hood goes on top of the face but does not flow all the way down the minifigure body – so while the hood itself is more detailed that the previous shroud – it leaves a lot to be desired as the rest of the ghost body is rather plain. The design of this hood does allow for the face to be seen as part of the design for the first time in ghost history though! Which is what we attribute the face design and color change too. This face digresses from the previously established color pattern and is now white. Additionally, the new face brings us a new facial expression – although with this hit of sadness we aren’t sure we like it. Overall, we are not thrilled with the latest version of the ghost – hopefully we can get a new one soon!

That’s all the ghosts we have friends! What is your favorite? What thoughts do you have to add?