Why We LOVE Our MOC Contest!

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday and we are so excited to have you here on our Tuesday Thoughts Blog! This week we are chatting more in-depth about our monthly MOC (My Own Creation) Contest!

Every month we host a MOC Contest. The rules are pretty simple and there are only 4 of them!

  1. All ages welcome! There will be three age groups, 9 and under, 10-17 and 18 and older
  2. All creations must fit on a 10in square base
  3. One winner in age bracket (both Concord and Manteca are eligible)
  4. Pictures must be submitted by the last day of each month (the 30th or 31st) Pictures can be submitted via email or messenger, or you can bring in your creation on a Monday and we will take pictures

The prize is pretty fantastic! One small bag of bulk is awarded in each of our three age brackets! We love giving away bulk because we LOVE the creativity that comes from bulk LEGO pieces!

So... why do we run this contest every month? We do it for you! We love LOVE love all the fantastic creations that get submitted through our MOC contest and seeing everyone's imagination come to life. We like to think that our store is all about Experiencing Awesome in many different ways and that our MOC Contest is one of those ways!

Each month, we put forth a new theme for our MOC contest - but your MOC does not have to meet the theme! We literally just want you to be building and creating and our theme is only to help encourage that process!

Anyways... last month we took a cue from Thanksgiving and our theme was "Thankful" - check out these awesome entries we got into our MOC Contest!

Ariellea - age 9 - is thankful for nature!

Connor - age 8 - is thankful for his grandfathers who served our country in the military during WWII (we are thankful for them too!)

Damien - age 8 - is thankful for teachers and learning

Everett - age 8 is thankful for his favorite book

Penelope - age 10 - is thankful for family, nature, and LEGO!

Farah - age 7 - who built and awesome Star Wars themed MOC

Hakam - 18+ - who also built a fun Star Wars MOC!

We love seeing all of these AMAZING builds. What about you? If you enjoyed them - maybe now is the time to get started on your MOC build to enter into this month's contest! Need some help starting? We think that a Holiday theme is a great place to start!

Congratulations to all of our November winners and good luck to all of our December entrants!