Why We Love LEGO

Bricks and Minifigs Concord and Manteca is a family owned business! But, did you know, that same family didn't grow up with LEGO as a staple in their house?! How crazy is that! The family does love LEGO now though - and here are some reasons why!


1. LEGO has something to offer for all ages and all skill levels.

From DUPLO and Junior to Creator Expert there is something for everyone! From improving fine motor skills, to following directions, to expanding your imagination - there is always something to be done with the colorful pieces and enough variety to interest everyone.


2. There are more minifigures than there are people in the world.

Which, for the introverts out there, is sometimes a good thing. We love the wide range of minifigures that exist - everything from our own creations, to popular people, to fiction characters - there is a minifigure that everyone can relate to! And each minifigure can be used to tell a story!


3. LEGO can be used as a tool for education and for creativity!

There are so many different lessons to be learned using LEGO and even more room for the imagination to run wild. It is the best of both worlds! It can even be combined for some fun projects!


4. It brings the family together.

More than anything, our family values family - how else would we survive working with each other?! We love LEGO because it has something for everyone, because it sparks imagination and education, because it is something that everyone can gather around to do. Not only is LEGO a great activity for parents and children to do together, its a hobby that can extend well into adulthood! How many times do you find yourself sitting surrounded by LEGO?