Welcome to October!

Happy October Friends!

How excited are you for the new month?! We are so excited about October and everything it has to offer! I mean, how can you not love a month that marks the coming of fall (and cooler weather), a school break, and Halloween! We here at Bricks and Minifigs are super excited for this month and the new store “theme” of “Get your Spooky On!” We may love Halloween a little too much… nah, there is no such thing!

Anyways – here is an October Update and some information on what you can expect from us this month! Both the Manteca and Concord stores have seen some re-arranging and re-designing recently to better display our products and to strengthen the partnership with Gamer’s Path – a board game, role playing game, Warhammer, and miniatures store! The store is already up and running in Manteca and will be opening on October 30th in Concord! Check out all the options at their online store!

We have also re-designed our displays in both stores! Concord has seen Springfield move and be re-designed and Manteca has said goodbye to the Ninjago scene and hello to a new interactive Hidden Side scene! The Hidden Side scene embraces the “Spooky” theme while showcasing a line that we think is pretty awesome – so come on in, take a look, and do some ghost hunting!

Other exciting news for the stores is the addition of a new paint kit from local artist Lisa Rowe! This paint kit is one that many of you have been asking for recently – Deadpool! Check them out, available for purchase online and in stores! These kits make the perfect at home activity and with easy to follow instructions and all the necessary supplies – just add a cup of water! Deadpool is the latest in a long line of paint kits, so be sure to check them all out!

Some fun things have been happening behind the scenes too! Maybe you noticed on some of our social media post recently – we have a new logo! This logo will slowly take the place of the previous logo on our advertising and in store products!

Another behind the scenes project is the BAM Wagon! We have been working on creating and implementing a new trailer with our products! We are excited about the ability to be mobile soon! Our social media pages will be featuring the progress of this trailer all month long for October! And the trailer will be showcased in both Concord and Manteca at the end of the month! Keep an eye out for all of the details as well as a facebook page for the BAM Wagon! We will also be participating in Trunk or Treat, hosted by Refuge, in Manteca with the BAM Wagon!

And finally, on to some Halloween fun! This month’s MOC contest is “Get Your Spooky On!” – share with us your spooky creations! More details and last month’s winners in next week’s blog. And, in true Halloween fashion, we will be transforming our spin wheel at the end of the month to a “Trick or Treat” wheel!

That is all for now friends! Stay tuned for our next blog post and enjoy the spookiest time of the year!