Through The Eyes of a Minifigure: A Holiday Tale

It was 2 nights before Christmas, December 23rd to be precise,

And up in the north pole things were covered in ice

Everyone was inside, with the windows boarded up tight

And good old St. Nick knew that something was not right.

“The reindeer can’t fly in a storm this sick.”

“Sir,” said an elf, “I think the reindeer are sick.

The cold was so bad, and their practice, much worse.

If things don’t get better soon, we may need a hearse.”

Santa slumped in his chair, his head in his hands

Until inspiration struck! And he hatched a clever plan

He sprang from his chair, and dashed down the hall

Laughing all the way, as I do recall

On an old rotary phone, Santa dialed with haste

“Oh if I could only see the look on his face!”

The elves tried to eavesdrop, gathered in the hall

Wondering who would Santa ever call?

“Please hurry and come over, it’s our darkest hour

To save Christmas, it’ll take both of our powers!”

Santa put down the phone, wiping sweat from his brow

Turning to the elves, he said, “Load the sled, now.

All the presents, the toys, the puzzles and Lego

Forget the reindeer, just get it ready to go!”

The elves rushed to get ready, working all through the night

While Santa worked in secret, to make sure all went right.

It was about noontime the next day, Christmas eve

That the elves understood santa’s plan, one they couldn’t believe

For there in the workshop, dressed in all black

Was the infamous Pumpkin King, Skeleton Jack.

A large bony smile topped his slender frame,

For Jack looked forward to taking part in Christmas again.

“So Jack! You made it, there’s not a moment to waste!

Quick, you must get changed, we need to make haste!

Did you bring what I asked? Will they be able to fly?”

“My dear Sandy Claws, why don’t you look outside?”

And with a deep bow, Jack motioned to the door,

As the elves rushed to the windows, wondering what was in store.

Out in the cold, a curious sight in the snow

Stood eight skeleton reindeer, Sally, and Jack’s dog Zero

“Oh Jack, I cannot thank you enough.

And I’m glad you brought Sally, that girl knows her stuff.

Last night I built a second sleigh, so we can both fly tonight

And maybe this Christmas will turn out all right.”

Both Santa and Jack got changed, into their red clothes

The sleighs were loaded and hitched, it was time to go.

Santa was bundled up tight, goggles shielding his eyes

While Jack took a deep breath, and with a smile and a sigh,

“Thank you for trusting me, I won’t let you down.

Tonight it’ll be Santa and Jack coming to town!”

Then with cackling glee, Jack’s sled took off into the sky

With Santa’s sled keeping pace, rushing side by side.

The split off and began their race around the world

To deliver presents to all the good boys and girls.

They worked through the night, and accomplished their task

And it was only back at the North Pole I overheard Santa ask

“Maybe, Jack, on rough years, you could help out again?”

Jack humbly replied, “I would be honored, my friend.”

So if some Christmas eve, you look up into the night sky

And instead of Santa Clause, see a Skeleton fly by

There’s nothing to fear, no need to scream or cry

After all, we all need help sometimes

And he has helped Santa quite a ton

My friend, the Pumpkin King, Jack Skelington

I was there that night, and every rough Christmas too

And promise you that my tale is true

So from old elf, sharing what he has seen,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Halloween.”

- This short was inspired by the 'missing' ending of the Nightmare Before Christmas poem:

as well as a child who wished me a heartfelt "Merry Christmas and Happy Halloween" in the store just the other day.

So from all of us at Bricks & Minifigs, have a Wonderful Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year.