The Outpost - A BrickLink Store

Dealing in used bulk LEGO and minifigures, we often get customers looking for specific LEGO parts to complete a set or personal creation. We also sometimes receive bags of sorted or semi-sorted parts as part of a used bulk purchase.

Bulk LEGO in our stores is mixed in tables and customers (sometimes with our cheerful help, as time allows) search for LEGO components there. It's a fun treasure hunt, but not everyone has the time to dedicate to searching, and the results are not consistent; you may find more than you were looking for, or you may not find the exact part you seek.

And of course, as wonderful as Bricks & Minifigs is, not every LEGO fan has a location nearby.

We are pleased to announce that a selection of specific parts can now be found at our Bricklink store, the BAMCAL Outpost! Popularly requested parts and components we have in large number are now available online, and customers can place an order and even pick up their LEGO at one of our locations to avoid shipping fees!

Check out our store!