The Collector's Cantina is HERE! Check out all of the details.

A quick COVID-19 Update for our customers before we jump into the Cantina!

We are aware the the county has moved back to purple - being in the purple tier does not close our stores down at either location, however, it does limit our capacity to 25%. With this in mind, we do suggest shopping during the week if you are able so that we can keep our numbers under the 25%.

We are keeping a close eye on all things COVID-19 and doing everything we can to keep ourselves, our staff, and our customers safe during this time. This includes the frequent sanitizing of high-touch surface points, providing gloves for our bulk tables, providing hand sanitizer for everyone, and wearing masks in the store.

We continue to work diligently to provide alternative ways of getting LEGO into your hands - this includes updating our website frequently and the addition of our Collector's Cantina Facebook watch parties.

So... what exactly is the Collector's Cantina?

Well - it is Jason's newest project! We are constantly looking for new ways to Experience Awesome with LEGO both in and out of our store. This new adventure is the newest way to bring LEGO to you at home! We are doing this by coming to you each Wednesday with a new Facebook watch party featuring Jason and LEGO.

Ok... But why should we watch?

Each week we will post a new video that features Jason having fun in hi new Cantina! These videos will have some fun LEGO thoughts and showcase some cool sets.

Not to mention, there will also be the opportunity to purchase sets before they ever hit the sales floor! Some of these things are exclusive sets too!

Why is it called the Collector's Cantina?

The Cantina all started with some pretty cool Star Wars sets and a fun MOC Cantina. We started the Cantina build pretty soon after we visited Star Wars Land and then just kept adding to it.

One of our favorite additions was Brick Daddy - which is when the Cantina started to be a little less Star Wars.

That, and the fact that our Cantina "room" is blue - which is not so Star Wars anyways. Soon after starting our Cantina we were able to purchase some pretty cool Comic-Con exclusive sets and minifigures - including the Collector. This is when our idea morphed into looking a little more like the Collector's exhibit and a little less like Star Wars. But we like them both - so both it is!

How will buying work?

Buying is quick and easy! Be the first to comment that you want it and we will message you in Facebook to set up an invoice! Then you can pick it up in store or have it shipped to you. Plus - all the money counts towards to rewards program too!

What if I am watching later and want a set?

Any set that is not claimed during the watch party will be posted to our website! Plus, any set that was claimed but then not paid for within 48 hours will also go up on our website. Check it out on Fridays (usually) to see the items pop-up and get what you missed. We will not be taking claims to items outside of the watch party.

So there you have it folks! All the details on the Collector's Cantina. Join the Facebook event for the premiere Wednesday 11/18/2020 at 7pm PST.