New ART Theme: Our Thoughts

Hi Friends!

We have some of the new ART theme LEGO sets in store! Have you seen them?! If so, we want to hear your thoughts on them! But first - here are some of ours!

LEGO invites you to "Discover the pleasure of a different LEGO® building experience" celebrating some iconic pop culture references. There is something pretty fun about being able to re-create your very own famous pieces of art. We particularly like that there are multiple variations in this set - giving some uniqueness to the original set for each builder. Each set offers 3 or 4 different versions of the art for builders to pick their own - which is both fun and unique - but also some what frustrating that the box only makes one of the options.

We here at Bricks and Minifigs have a great focus on self-care in our family - which is part of why we love LEGO so much. LEGO in and of itself is a creative and fun means of relaxation and self-care (sounds like a great topic for a blog post!) and these sets only add to that. We love that each set comes with a bespoke soundtrack as a fun companion to the artwork. These soundtracks showcase LEGO as not only great self-care but also a fun educational tool. The sound tracks include stories from those closest to Warhol and the Beatles - encouraging adults to relax and unwind while exploring their new hobby/interest.

These new sets have been said to be adult jigsaw puzzles made of LEGO - which we think is a pretty accurate description! And these sets are pretty expert level puzzles - with 2933 pieces being the smallest number of pieces in these sets and only a 15.5" square size! But, just like other puzzles, you can either display them on your wall or take them apart to rebuild another time! Unlike other puzzles, these sets offer variety with different options for your artwork! Thankfully, these "puzzles" are a lot easier to replace any of the pieces you may loose - which we think is a good thing since ALL of the pieces are tiny enough to lose easily!

One thing we will say - at least there is no guessing or rotating of pieces to make them work - just pick the right color and your good to go! We do think that bowls to sort colors (and not lose them) are a fantastic idea.

Let's chat specifics! The Beatles - this set is fun because you as the creator get to choose which artist you would like to recreate in LEGO! Fret not, you can recreate all 4 of them - just not all at once (unless you buy this set four times!) While the movie pieces are fun and exciting - we are more excited about these pieces of art/history/music!

Taking a look at Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe - we love not only the original bright pink screen print of Monroe (from the 1960s) but also that these fun colors give way to re-imagining the art work in different ways! Giving this uniqueness to the piece is so much fun - and not just because the colors are fun! We do think that this set really shows off LEGO's ambitions in this new theme. Particularly, we love seeing such an iconic piece of work re-created in this way and enjoy the potential is brings for future pieces.

While there are two other ART theme sets available - we think we will stop here! What are your thoughts? Do you like these sets?