Looking back... Looking Forward

Hi friends!

Can you believe that 2020 is almost over?! We sure can’t! This year has been one roller coaster of a ride to say the least. Lately, we have been taking our own Self Care Sunday advice – so this week are looking back and then looking forward here on the blog!

Looking Back

While this year has brought with it a multitude of challenges – we have also seen a lot of exciting things happening. We took a look at our goals for 2020 and we are so excited that we were able to meet several of them!

1. Despite this being a difficult year – both store met their annual revenue goals – so thank you so much to our loyal customers for supporting us through this year – and for spreading the word about our stores! Our loyalty program list has also grown. It is because of our loyal customers that our family business is continuing into 2021.

2. While COVID-19 became a factor in our stores for the majority of the year and even shut us down for a bit in early spring – it is not all bad. The early shut-down of the stores led to the launch of our online store. While shopping online is not the same as in person, we are so thankful that we were able to continue to meet our customers in new ways and continue to provide LEGO to all – even if there were a few bumps along the way.

In the process of starting our online store, we also switched our point of sale system and updated our loyalty program – both with relatively few hitches! Overhauling the systems we use in store has been quiet the process – and in our opinion a pretty good success!

3. This year also saw a strengthened partnership with LEGO through our distributor! We were able to get more products in store on their shelf dates – meaning we are able to get you the new releases when they come out! Check our our advertising from last January when we had items in stock for the January 1, 2020 release!

Speaking of which… the next LEGO release is January 1! Be watching the Collector’s Cantina for options to purchase on January 1 and we will see you all in store on January 2!

Looking forward…

We had some great success during this past year – and we as a family and as a business are looking forward to everything that 2021 will bring! While continued success in our annual revenue is always a goal – it is not our only goal! We have some great things we are looking forward to!

1. This past year we gave you all a sneak peak at the BAM Wagon – a traveling LEGO retailer. While we were not able to do all of the things we had hoped with the BAM Wagon – we are excited to move forward with plans for it! This includes opening the BAM Wagon up in Garden City Utah for 2021!

2. As we mentioned before – January 1st will be a special edition of the Collector’s Cantina with some new release LEGO sets! One of our goals is to expand the Collector’s Cantina in the next year! This is our Wednesday night (7pm) video that showcases all kinds of LEGO – including rare items, collectibles, new items, retired sets, and just all around fun! We are working hard to continue this project and expand on social media.

3. One of our steady goals is the goal we have for every customer who walks in our doors – Experience Awesome. This year we are going to further develop and expand on our offerings to have more ways to Experience Awesome. Both stores currently have offerings from Gamer’s Path as well as STEAM kits – we will continue to develop these lines and create more awesome in store.

4. We started our business with the Concord store in the summer of 2018 and then opened the Manteca store in Fall of 2018, grew both stores in 2019, and then started the BAM Wagon this past 2020 summer! Now as we continue to grow the business and use the BAM Wagon more often – we are starting to conceptualize and develop the idea of a warehouse of sorts to meet the needs of all of our stores!

Well friends.. there you have it! A quick look back at 2020 and some goals for 2021 for the business. We hope that you all have a wonderful New Year and can’t wait to see you again soon.