Jay and the Leprechaun

It may have been raining outside, but it couldn’t break Jay’s focus. He was about to set the high score on ‘Ninja Hero IV - Hero Mode!’ and nothing could distract him… except for his door slamming open.

“Awww, I was so close! So close,” Jay whined.

“Um, have you been up all night,” Cole asked.

“Of course I’ve been up all night! How else do you think I got so close?!” Jay sighed, put down his controller and yawned. “What do you want, anyway?”

“Wu wants us all downstairs in the courtyard for training.”

“What? In the rain? That stinks,” Jay complained.

Cole shrugged. “Wu said to be down there, and I don’t think pulling an all-nighter will excuse you, so get a move on.” Cole headed downstairs to leave Jay to mope and get changed. By the time Jay made it down to the courtyard, all the other ninja had gathered. The rain had turned to a light misting as the sun fought to peek through the clouds.

“Ninja, just as the sun always tries to shine through the storm clouds, so too must you persevere in keeping the peace and balance in Ninjago.”

“Is that why we’re out here in the rain,” Kai asked.

“The rain will pass, leaving beauty in its wake,” Wu said with a smile. He sipped his tea, and at that moment the rain stopped, causing a collective ‘Whoa’ from the ninja.

Wu left the ninja to train, as the sky grew brighter, revealing a magnificent rainbow.

“Man, I wish there was a way out of training today,” Jay moans.

“Long night on a video game,” Kai laughs. “You’d have better luck catching a leprechaun then getting out of training.”

“Are Leprechauns real,” asked Zane. “I have no records of them in my data banks.”

“Of course they’re not real,” Nya scoffed. “Pots of gold at the ends of rainbows, wishes granted by little men dressed in all green. It’s all just old stories.”

“Maybe,” Lloyd said thoughtfully. “But Serpentine, Ghosts, and Oni were just ‘old stories’ until we found out that they were true. Maybe Leprechauns are the same?”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” thought Jay as he gazed at the rainbow that seemed to be getting closer and closer…

Intrigued by the thought of Leprechauns, Jay put his training to work - crouching low to the ground and sneaking off towards the rainbow. Down winding trails and over boulders Jay trotted quietly - when suddenly the bottom of the rainbow appeared, and seemingly out of nowhere, so too did the pot of Gold.

Jay slows to a stop, peering from behind a boulder. “Well, a rainbow, a pot of gold - Leprechauns are real!” thought Jay. Best work quick to secure the riches and wishes.

“This is so much better than training!” exclaimed Jay as he spun his way to the gold - “Finally all my dreams will come true! I can spoil Nia and upgrade my video game set up!” exclaimed Jay.

Suddenly, the Leprechaun appears - “That does not belong to you, kindly leave it where you found it” requests the Leprechaun.

“What if I just take a teeny bit of it? Afterall, I did find it!” questioned Jay.

“You may have found it, but it does not belong to you” mused the Leprechaun “although, I suppose, since you did find it, I could grant you one wish.”

“One wish - anything?” asked Jay?

“Well, there are limitations, but yes, it could be most anything, my name is RIley by the way.”

“Hmmm… a wish is certainly enticing” Jay mused, stalling for time “what about wishing for more wishes?”

“That would be one of the limitations, I cannot be tied to you for extended periods of time. One wish is the deal” Riley informed Jay.

“One wish…” Jay pondered “I know! I want the cheat code for my video game! I have spent all night on it after all…”

“Wouldn’t giving you the cheat codes for the game just mean you win and then play a different game? You would be in the same predicament in 24 hours!” Riley snorts “at any rate, you don’t learn anything by cheating.”

“Well, how about I just wish for money! Then we both get to be rich!” Jay exclaimed

“If I could magically make money, wouldn’t I just make more of my own gold? No, money doesn’t mean anything unless it is earned”

“So, no cheating, no money… exactly what wishes can you grant?!” a flustered Jay asked.

“Well..” Riley pondered “I am quite good at dancing jigs!”

“A dancer….” Jay muttered “you are a dancer?! What good does that do me?!” Jay yelled as he rushed forward to snatch the gold, only to feel the earth begin to shake. Suddenly, Jay is staring up at Nia “what are you doing here? I was going to get the gold!” Jay exclaimed before looking around.

“What am I doing here?” repeated Nia “I think the better question is what do you think Wu would say if he caught you sleeping on the training grounds. Now come on, time to get going.”

“Training ground? Sleeping?” asked Jay “Awww man, it was all a dream? I didn’t find the Leprechaun?”

Nia giggles, “no leprechauns Jay… just training” as she spun back to her training.