Introducing "Through the Eyes of a Minifigure"

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to share with you a new blog series that we will be starting here on the BAM Blog called "Through the Eyes of a Minifigure". While I usually write most of the blog posts, I am excited to get to take a break and hand the keyboard over to Matt from our Manteca Store! This week he is introducing himself and giving a quick overview of the series. You can catch the stories from him on the 3rd Tuesday of every month going forward. I just know that you all will love what he is doing!

When he isn't building his own MOC LEGO sets or working at the store, Matt can often be found with a notebook and a pen jotting down notes and stories. At this point, I will turn the keyboard over to Matt himself!

My name is Matt, and some would call me a nerd. I have three loves: gaming, Lego, and storytelling. When I think back to my childhood, Lego was always there. Christmas mornings with Lego Systems, birthdays with Bionicle.

I would spend hours crafting stories with my minifigures; fighting monstrous Bohrok, space pirates in epic battles for the translucent pieces, or hosting Xstreme sports on my dresser.

Yes, Lego was fun to build with, and I did have my own spaceport / garage when I was 9, but the real fun for me was in creating and telling stories. Creating stories about minifigures and their adventures took my imagination and fun with LEGO to new heights. I even created my own minifigure to help me with the process!

Which leads me to my little niche on this blog. I want to share some stories with all of you. I am excited to combine my love of LEGO with my love of storytelling. Every month I will be sharing an adventure with you from behind the eyes of a minifigure. Some of the wild adventures they go on, and the other minifigs they hang out with.

So until next month, have fun building, and let your own stories come to life.