Happy Thanksgiving - in Ninjago!

“I can’t believe Lord Garmadon is coming to Thanksgiving dinner,” Jay complained.

“What about this is unbelievable,” Zane asked. “Everyone’s family has been invited. Your parents will be coming. Cole’s dad, and even P.I.X.A.L. will be coming.”

“Yeah, but he’s Lord Garmadon. ‘The Underworld King’? The guy who’s tried to take over all of Ninjago, like, a hundred times! Why is he coming to thanksgiving dinner,” Jay shouted.

“Because,” Kai interrupted, “He’s Lloyd’s dad, and Master Wu’s brother. And it’s already going to be hard enough on them and Misako without us stressing out about this too. So let’s all just relax, and try to get through this.”

The three ninja entered the dining room where Cole and his father were setting the table, and looked to see what help they could provide.

Meanwhile, in an active volcano lair outside the city…

“I’ve called you all here today for a very important brainstorming session,” Said Lord Garmadon, standing before his collective generals. “Thanksgiving dinner is in a few hours, and I have been invited to share it with my family.” He quickly turned away to hide a tear of happiness, before turning back. “This is the first time I’ve been invited to do anything with my Son and I need to impress them. Also, where can I find a turkey to feed like 15 people and 2 Nindroids at this hour?”

The generals exchanged nervous glances with each other. They all knew that it was impossible to find a turkey at this late hour, but noone wanted to be the first to tell Lord Garmadon that.

“Ideas people! Let ‘em fly, we don’t have much time,” Garmadon yelled. “General Number 1, what say you?”

The general quickly jumped to his feet and bowed, removing his shark hat. “Um, sir, I don’t know how to tell you this… but uh… you see… every store is sold out of turkey at this point… so there’s no way to get one- AHHHHHH!!!!!!” With a loud bang, the former general Number 1 was fired up through the ceiling and out of the volcano. All eyes turned to Garmadon, who’s hand was pressing a big red button labeled ‘FIRE!’.

“I don’t need excuses, I need ideas people,” Garmadon sighed in exasperation. “You there, science guy, hit me with an idea!”

The Man stood up and dusted off his labcoat. “Well sire, I-I-I think I have 1 idea you might like….”

Back at the Ninja’s home

“Warning! Warning!” P.I.X.E.L.’s voice rang out in alarm, “A GIANT MONSTER IS HEADED FOR NINJAGO CITY!”

The ninja ran into the control room where P.I.X.E.L. and Wu were waiting for them.

“What’s the situation,” asked Lloyd.

“It appears to be a giant… turkey… headed towards Ninjago city from out in the ocean,” Zane answered, zooming in on the view screen.

“Oh great, it’s come seeking revenge for all the turkey dinners families are about to enjoy,” Jay lamented.

“Not if we have anything to say about it,” Cole said while pulling up his mask. “Let’s go cook his goose.”

“Turkey,” Zane corrected.

“Hold on, there’s something chasing it,” Nya said, leaning over a console. She zoomed in on the video and pointed to a small but fast boat that was following the turkey.

“Is that Lord Garmadon,” Kai asked. “Why would he be chasing a giant turkey?”

“Maybe to get it to attack the city,” Jay accused.

“No,” Wu pointed to the front of Garmadon’s ship, where several nets and hooks were launching at the turkey’s leg. “I believe my brother is trying to capture it.”

“Then we need to go help him. At least it’ll divert it from the city,” Lloyd said, running out the door.


Out on a boat, trailing behind the giant turkey, Garmadon was speaking into a small tape recorder. “Reminder, fire the Science guy. A large turkey destroying the city is NOT going to impress my son.” Putting away the tape recorder, Garmadon grabbed a harpoon and threw it at the turkey. “Faster Captain Blowfish! We can’t let this thing near the city!”

“I’m giving her all she’s got, Sir, but that bird is too fast,” the captain called back. Garmadon glared at the captain before pressing a button on the ship’s railing. With a scream, the -former- captain was launched overboard into the water.

“We need to go FASTER,” Garmadon screamed.

“Yes Lord Garmadon,” the crew yelled back, scrambling to do anything they could to make the ship lighter and faster. They threw the deck chairs overboard, followed by a couple parasols, a 4 tier cake, the refrigerator and the kitchen sink. Anything to keep themselves from being thrown overboard.

Six dragons flew out of the city with great speed, racing towards the giant turkey, with the Ninja on their back.

“I know we’ve faced a lot of monsters, but in size, this turkey takes the cake,” Kai commented.

“Don’t say cake,” Cole groaned, “I haven’t eaten all day. I was saving room for Misako’s pumpkin pie!”

“There won’t be ANY pie unless we can deal with this,” Lloyd said. “Jay, Nya, go for the legs and try to trip it up. Zane, Cole, and Kai run distraction. I’m going to try and help my dad. His boat looks like it’s in trouble and losing parts fast. Ninja-Go!”

Down at the boat, Garmadon was busy yelling at his crew. “Which one of you geniuses had the bright idea of ditching our motor to make the boat go faster?!?! Speak up so I can fire you!”


Garmadon looked up at Lloyd on his green dragon. “Son! This isn’t what it looks like!” Lloyd jumped down onto the boat. “It looks like you can use some help.” Lloyd pulled off his mask and smiled at his dad. “Let’s do this, together.”

Garmadon smiled, trying not to cry. “Nothing would make me happier, Son. Now, let’s cook this turkey!”

One hour later.

The table laughed as Garmadon recounted the battle against what Jay had dubbed Gobblezilla. The food was excellent, and there was more than enough to go around. Even Garmadon’s remaining crew were served at the table, enjoying the food and company. But no laughter or smile could compete with that of Lord Garmadon’s. Not only had he provided a turkey, but he got to battle it to the death with his son. What more could any father ask for?

“Eat up guys. There’s still plenty of turkey,” Misako said, bringing out another tray of food.

“Should we not save some for leftovers,” Zane asked.

“Zane, we have enough leftovers to last us until next thanksgiving,” Nya said, laughing.

“Ooh…” Cole patted his full belly. “I don’t think we can eat all this ourselves.”

At the moment, the door opened, and Dareth entered the room. With a knife in one hand, and a fork in the other, he boldly proclaimed, “This looks like a job for the Brown Ninja!”

Happy Thanksgiving

From the Ninjas, and your friends at Bricks and Minifigs

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