Halloween Costumes - Minifigure Style!

Hi Friends!

Do you love Halloween as much as we do?! Do you have an idea of what you might want to be for Halloween? We didn’t either… so we looked to LEGO minifigures for some ideas! And guess what…. There are sooo many options in the numbered series alone! Today we are taking a look at what we consider to be truly Halloween – the Monsters! If you are missing any of these minifigures – check out our online store or come visit – maybe we can complete your collection!

This blog post is a quick overview of many of the monsters available through the LEGO series minifigures – including all of series 14 (The Monsters) and some others. Plus check out our blog exclusive offer!

Let’s start with the very first Halloween creatures to appear in LEGO series minifigures – the zombies! We see the very first zombie in series 1 and three additional zombies in series 14 – the zombie pirate, the zombie businessman, and the zombie cheerleader. While the first zombie looks cute, personally, I like the zombie pirate more!

Next let’s look at some nature based Halloween characters. We have the original animal crossovers – the werewolf from series 4 and tiger woman in series 14. Then we have the less impressive, but still animal wolf-man in series 14 and the fully animal square foot in series 14. Finally we have some fun, but not so scary fly monsters and plant monsters in series 14.

Speaking of monsters – we really love the Monster Scientist in series 14 with his elongated head and crazy eyes! Plus, he has some fun creations in the monster – originally seen in series 4 and then recreated as a rocker monster in series 14.

Then we have some truly Halloween characters! Check out the nocturnal selection of the original vampire from series 2 and his cross over friend the vampire bat in series 8. Plus, the other nocturnal creature in the group the gargoyle who can only be active at night seen in series 14.

Perhaps spider are more your thing – there are plenty of those to go around too! Check out the spooky boy in series 16, the spider suit boy in series 18, and the spider lady in series 14!

Going back in history we some we come across some mummies – the original in series 3 and the mummy queen in series 19.

Finally, in some true Halloween fashion we see the cute little devil in series 16, skeleton guy in series 14, some fun witches – the original in series 3 and the wacky witch in series 14, and some creepy ghost variations – the spectre and banshee in series 14!

We think all of these Halloween characters are so much fun and perfect for this time of year! Plus, we are so excited about the Horror line from minifig.me – while these minifigures are not Halloween per se – you might just find some costume inspiration from them as well!

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