Games! Games! Games! Share your LEGO Games!

Hi Friends!

This month of September our MOC contest was to “Games! Games! Games!” – building a LEGO game (including the marble maze we talked about earlier!). There is still time to send your MOC builds or mazes to to enter into our MOC contest for a chance to win some bulk!

We wanted to use this last blog post in September to focus on some LEGO game options for home! We will start with a relatively simple one – Tic Tac Toe! Building your tic-tac-toe board is easy – gather a base plate, some long LEGO bricks, and a total of 10 short bricks (5 of two different colors) to use as the pieces! Check out this board – and have some fun playing!

Another fun game you can recreate at home is the Ring Puzzle Game! The objective is simple: move the entire stack of blocks onto another rod. Now – making this harder to complete is easy with these simple rules. 1. Only one disk can be moved at a time 2. Each move consists on taking the upper disc from one of the stacks and placing it on another rack. And then to make it even harder 3. No disk may be placed on top of a smaller disc! Check out the picture below!

How about some carnival fun now! Creating a ring toss or a brick toss is so easy! For a ring toss, take a base plate and build different heights of poles using some bricks! The towers can be made with regular LEGO or DUPLO blocks! Then use a rubber band or pipe cleaners made into a ring and toss!

For a different tossing game – try building some different size squares and placing them on a flat surface or a base plate! Then toss LEGO pieces into your squares! To add some difficulty – Tilt your base plate and then toss the LEGO pieces!

And for a fun random chance game – try this dice rolling LEGO tower building game! Use this template (or modify your own with different options – like “double your tower” or “lose half your tower” to incorporate some higher level math) and create your own game! Roll a die and move that many spaces and then follow the directions! See who has the highest tower at the end of the game.

Well, that’s all for today – let us know what games you have created or which of these you liked best!