Family Time - Connecting Through LEGO by Jason

LEGO is still a fully family owned business and so are Bricks and Minifigs Concord and Manteca. In fact for me it is ALL ABOUT FAMILY. I have loved the adventure that is owning this business together with my wife Kristen and our family.

These past few months I have had the pleasure of turning over ownership of the Manteca store to my Daughter Kailin and Son-In-Law Matt. They are working hard to make sure they continue growing not only the Bricks and Minifigs Manteca store but also their sister store Gamers Path. They are learning all the behind the scenes tasks that need to be accomplished to keep the front of the stores running well and smoothly.

My Daughter Kaicie is always super helpful with our computer and tech problems! And her boyfriend Stuart is always ready to step in and help me out in a pinch. I seem to get into those on a regular basis. This past month he helped me with our first ever BAMWAGON birthday party. We hauled the trailer to Danville and had a great time celebrating with 10 young customers and their families. Three of these customers were celebrating birthdays in January. We built and raced pull back race cars. All seemed to have a great time and Stuart took care of documenting the party through photos and video. I will be sharing this experience in more detail in my next blog entry.

I also had the pleasure of working with my two nephews who live in Hawaii. They were out for about six weeks here in California and in Utah. Jacob, who is about to turn 15 will be working in our BAM Wagon this summer at Bear Lake Utah. He is an amazing young man who not only works very hard but catches on to the business and customer service very quickly. You may have met him in the Concord Store. He stepped in and learned our Point of Sale System and was off helping customers with about five minutes of training. He did a great job and knows a great deal about LEGO. He has spent some time in the background getting some sets built for sale and is very ready to help out this summer.

Reilly, who is Jacob’s younger brother decided he would like the opportunity to earn some spending money so he joined us in Concord to build some display sets and help price and get our big New In Box order ready for the first of the year. Reilly is also a hard worker and was sure to get his tasks done well and quickly.

So…. We are closed on Tuesdays at both Concord and Manteca. We are closed so that we can spend time with our families. When our outside schedules allow we get together for family games. I try to get a few jobs around the house done and I even make dinner once in a while. LEGO is a great way to connect with your family. Whether you are playing a LEGO game, building a new LEGO set, or simply talking with family members about one of the minifigure characters which are so universally known, sit back and enjoy connecting. Enjoy the experience! Experience Awesome.