2020 Gift Guide!

Happy December LEGO Friends! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving - and now it is time for some Holiday fun! Have you started your holiday shopping? We have a HUGE list of our favorite holiday gifts this season - at all price points and in all types of LEGO!


Mario has been a huge hit this past season for kids of all ages. We love this set because it is easy and quick to put together and then becomes an interactive course.

Between tapping Mario in the pipe, which starts the level, and tapping the flag brick to end the level, you try to collect coins as fast as possible. By wiggling, bopping, hitting other bricks, balancing on some pieces, etc. Once you get a feel for the set, it is easy to rebuild and reimagine into more courses!

If you haven’t started yet - the starter course is the first purchase as it has Mario. If you already have the starter course - take a look at the different expansion options that exist!

Star Wars

Almost everybody loves Star Wars! This is a go-to theme for so many shoppers. While we have a lot of the bigger Star Wars sets new in box and used, we also have several of the less expensive sets up for grabs too! And even a whole host of minifigures (including some proto-types!).

Personally, we love the battle packs! Check out 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack and 75266 the Sith Troopers Battle Pack. Another huge hit recently has been the 75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers. Or maybe you want something Baby Yoda - check out set 75217 The Mandalorian & the Child.

If you are looking for something a little less common - check out our Collector’s Cantina (Wednesday’s at 7pm) for exclusive access to 77904 Nebulon-B Frigate.

Paint Kits

Maybe you are looking for something more art-sy. Have you seen the paint kits from local artist Lisa Rowe? We absolutely love them! This month we have a fantastic North Pole option - plus we still have a few left over from previous months - check out the awesome page full of all the kits!

Harry Potter

If Star Wars is not your thing - can we interest you in some Harry Potter Sets? This past season LEGO released some pretty cool new Harry Potter sets, including the Astronomy Tower, Forbidden Forest, and 4 Privet Drive. There are several new Harry Potter sets to choose from this holiday season!


Check out the Avengers Tower Battle (76166). We love this Avenger’s set because not only is it a fun and unique build, but is also comes with six minifigures! Again, for something a little different - check out our minifigure collection or the Collector’s Cantina for exclusive access to 77905 Taskmaster’s Ambush.

Used Sets

Some great deals can be had in both stores in our previously loved or used set areas! These sets are generally a little cheaper than their new in box counterparts (or are retired sets!) and are fantastic finds! Some have directions, and those that don’t can be found online - which means you can even take the set apart and bag/box it up for the full LEGO building experience!


Have you seen our City, Creator, Technic, and Speed lines?! Did I just throw a whole lot of set options out there? Yep! But I got you covered fam. We love everything about all of these lines and the different options that they offer - so check them ALL out!

But, if you are looking for something specific - we suggest set 42104 Race Truck as a fun choice since it is a pull-back motor car - I mean, you can’t go wrong there! We also love 60256 Racing Cars and 60250 Mail Plane because they are smaller, more affordable sets, while also being packed full of imagination and fun with the ability to race each other or fly.

Ball Figs

No matter if LEGO is a gift, a stocking stuffer, or something for yourself - you can’t go wrong with ball figs! These minifigures can hide known figures without accessories, create your own figures with awesome accessories, and everything in between!


Checking out the Ninjago sets? Might we suggest 71707 Kai’s Mech Jet because it ia a 2-in-1 toy playset, with a toy jet plane or a mech toy. Or maybe 71718 Wu’s Battle Dragon is more your speed with the exclusive hero Wu minifigure and the AWESOME dragon!


You can never go wrong with bulk! Where imagination comes to life, join us at the blk tables and build what is in your mind. We have many different sized containers for all your bulk LEGO piece needs.

Hidden Side

Have you seen our Hidden Side MOC? We are obsessed with this theme because it is more than just LEGO. It is a fun and creative way to go ghost hunting! LEGO’s unique app has many possibility for exploring once the sets are built!


So… we love bulk, in case you didn’t know. It is one of our favorite things in the store because there is just SOO much you can do with it! Anyways.. For the Holidays, we have our Stocking Stuffer out! This is a super simple project that makes a great gift or a great activity for the Holidays! We have fun red stockings that are the perfect size to fit a ballfig in the toe and then fill to the brim with bulk LEGO pieces! Mention this blog post - just $25 for some awesome bulk LEGO pieces fun!


Of course, we think the Disney Castle is a fantastic LEGO set for the holidays - but what if your kiddo is a little younger? In addition to the fun of the storybook sets, might we suggest 43180 Belle’s Castle Winter Celebration. As a 4+ set, it is very basic in it construction but does include most of they key characters from the classic Disney animated film – Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Chip and Wardrobe.

Retired Sets

We love our retired sets - why? Because they are sets that are a little harder to come by! We love bringing you new sets that are actually old! Looking for something specific? We like 76085 Battle of Atlantis from 2017 - while the set may be a little underwhelming - it also has some great minifigures in it!

Gift Cards

And last, but not least - if you still aren’t sure what that perfect gift is - we do sell gift cards! Pick your price and let the receiver pick the gift when they come in next! This can be an especially great option from a distance, or for the person who already has all their favorite LEGO sets - the next LEGO release is sure to have something they love and they drop in January!

Well friends - those are our suggestions in broad and general terms! We are so excited about everything we have in stores and online! Check out the many options to shop online with shipping or pick up or come in store and chat with staff - we are excited to help you find the perfect gift to build traditions at home. We hope this Holiday season is everything you are hoping for and then some.