Appointment to Sell/Trade your LEGO - CONCORD, CA

Appointment 60 minutes Appointment to Sell/Trade your LEGO - CONCORD, CA



While we do try to accommodate walk-in transactions for selling your LEGO (small sales), staff is authorized to require appointments for larger transactions. To guarantee a staff member is available to help when you arrive, we suggest booking an appointment. We offer both cash and store credit and we buy LEGO by the pieces (bulk), by the complete and built set, and by the minifigure.  Please note, we do not sort through bulk LEGO to pull out sets and minifigures. 

All of our appointments are free to book. At the appointment, we will ask you to please place the LEGO items you are selling on a table and a staff member will give you a cash price and a store credit price based on several factors. All of our appointments are RISK FREE - meaning you can choose to take the offer or walk away. 

Please note - we give offers only on LEGO items and only in store after seeing the items. We do not give estimates over the phone. 

Please be sure to double check the location (this appointment is for Concord, CA) and "select time" prior to adding this appointment to your cart. We have multiple appointments every week - if you are not seeing availability in the pop up window, please scroll forward to the following days. Appointments are available 1 month ahead of time.   Please note, Saturday appointments are available in Manteca or can be requested via e-mail in Concord on a limited basis, please email

After you have selected a time - you will see that date and time replace the "select time" option - at this point, you may add to cart.

We know you have many options to sell your LEGO, we are happy to be one of them and work to make this process smooth for all involved. 

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